Monday, February 13, 2017


The sapling sprouts
on a slope
above a large rock.
As it grows, very slowly,
over years and decades,
it sinks roots down,
over and around the
cold, gray stone.
Some take the easiest path,
plunging straight down into
the topsoil.
Others must stretch
around the rock’s sides or
up and over the top,
tasting the naked air,
seeking, seeking,
the earth’s hold.
At last,
even these 
find purchase.
The stone is now
by roots.

Rather than blocking
the tree’s path,
rather than causing
the rock becomes part
of the tree’s character.
The obstacle
is now intrinsic
to the nature of
the tree.
Distinct and original,
the tree survives,
holding the rock in
its radical embrace.

One of my SoulCollage® cards.  It inspired this poem and some thoughts about dealing with obstacles.