Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Dream for the New Year

I woke up in the night with a dream that included pomegranates and wandering through hidden, dark places.  Persephone is clearly knocking at my door after a hiatus, and I feel responsible to honor that.  I haven't felt so connected to Her of late, and so I'm grateful for the dream.   And, given the timing, it also seems like a message for the new year.

Because of the appearance in the dream of someone known for his humor, I'm taking it as a sign I need a lot more of that next year!  I'm not alone in that, am I?

On the grocery store shelves
            I find two pomegranates:
            one is broken open;
            one is squashed.
A helpful clerk offers
            to look for others,
            fresh and whole.
In the meantime,
            I meet an old acquaintance,
            a celebrity, in fact, one known
            for his humor and political savvy.
Together, we roam the store
            and nonchalantly enter
            the back rooms, the dark storehouses
            and cold corners inaccessible to the public,
            and then finally the night-time parking lot.
When we reach the holiday’s long
            check-out line, I am still waiting
            for the clerk to reappear with my
            sought-after fruit.
After I wake up, I appreciate that I have had
            a congenial companion and guide
            through some hidden other/underworld.
I hope that Persephone’s
            healthy, whole, ruby red and
            burgeoning fruit will soon
            be in my hands.