Friday, August 29, 2014

Walking Through Walls

I once had in my memory banks a prose poem by Louis Jenkins called "Walking Through a Wall."  It came back to me a few weeks ago when someone else recited it at a salon.  You can find it here, if you're so inclined.  Hearing it was synchronous for me, as I'd recently written my own poem with a similar title.

A few years ago I made a SoulCollage® card that I later realized had the same title.

I don't have many black and white SoulCollage® cards, but some just feel suited to it, and this is one of them.  To me, this image is saying, "I am one who just might walk through this wall."  Clearly, this idea has meaning for me!

I've been working on some exercises from the Writing for Your Life book in which you look at different splits in your personality.  The one I've been playing with is the Pragmatist/Dreamer.  They are both strong in me.  I don't know where I'd be without my practical, efficient, get-it-done self.  But without the Dreamer, my life would be so much the poorer.  I need the magic.  I need to believe there is magic in this world.

So, here is the poem (titled in the header, with a nod to Louis Jenkins):

the blank page
is an open door.
it is a bare wall
with no door at all.
In that case,
you can choose
to turn around and
walk away,
admitting defeat.
you can place both hands
on the wall,
lean in, and
press lightly
with your fingertips.
Closing your eyes may help.
Pushing does no good.
It is, after all,
a wall.
But if you trust
in magic,
breathe deeply,
and rest in acceptance,
you may,
you just may,
walk through this wall.
Perhaps it will
simply dissolve,
and you will break through
to another world.

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