Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Light Returns

How curious
that when winter
and it is
the darkest and coldest time,
the light
is returning.

At our house
on the hill,
the sun cannot touch
our door or backyard
from November
to February.
We will not receive
the light these months.
The days must lengthen
before the sun’s reach will
extend to where
we and the chickens

This year,
in the peculiarity
of weather and
climate change,
my flowering ginger
continues to burst
into bloom throughout
the dim month of
The little stalk of  plumeria
I brought home from
the Big Island of Hawaii
and nursed for
so many years,
has also chosen to
flower abundantly
for the first time.
So, here,
in this dark season,
in this dark time,
when helicopters fill
the night sky of Oakland,
and my friends say
they, too, have trouble conjuring
the Christmas spirit,
my endarkened house
is filled with
the scents of paradise,
and the light


Winter Solstice, 2014

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