Saturday, February 28, 2015

Finding Our Way Home

When I begin to plan my annual Persephone Rising event, I spend a lot of time thinking and writing about what has been up for me.  One theme has been the importance of place.  Deena Metzger (yeah, I know - I'm stuck on the work I did with her) said that the 20th century was one of exile and displaced persons.  Being rooted in a particular place is not a given for us.  Most of us do not live where our ancestors are buried and do not have that long history of being steeped in place and rooted in the land.  So, this idea will definitely be part of the focus this year.

Here's a new poem.  It's called Olly Olly Oxen Free

Olly olly oxen free!
Come home –  you are safe!
It is time to set foot
            on the sacred ground
            of your home place.

Your place is here.
Your time is now.
You have walked, ridden,
            tramped, traveled,
            run, flown and sailed
a long while and
a long way to get
            to this place.
Here you can rest,
            sink down roots,
            plant trees for future generations,
            surround yourself with whatever security
is possible in this life.

Yes, you have had to
            find it yourself.
There is no map, no manual,
            no guide, no GPS to get here,
            no matter what you were told.
But, come!  Touch base!
This is the seat of longing
that has been summoning you.
You may call it home.

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