Sunday, June 14, 2015

What Would an Indigenous Grandmother Do?

Just back from the Healers and Healing Intensive with Deena Metzger on her land in Topanga Canyon.  A deep and soulful week in a circle of 18 (sometimes 19) women, two dogs, and lots of animal and ancestor spirits.

Deena worked very hard to help us begin to divest ourselves of our acculturated minds and to inquire into how we might live authentic and healing lives in a corrupt culture and a world in such trouble.

Many realizations, some profound personal healing, and many things to consider going forward.  For now, a poem:

I don’t want to change
my thoughts.
I want to change
the way I think.
I want to think
in images, in stories
spun as threads
arising long and slow
out of culture and
out of the Grandmother Spider
of indigenous mind.

I want to learn
to live in the old ways,
the ways of spirit.
I want to see
the signs and the
deep, precise wisdom
of the true ones –
ancestors, elders, any and all
trying to inform us that
there is a way -
there is a way
to heal,
there is a way
to see,
there is a way
to change direction,
there is a way
to give the children
what they need
to be safe
to be listening
to be healthy
to be whole.

I, too,
want to be whole
all the way into
death and, yes,
I’ll say it,
beyond death,
beyond it but not beyond
the cycle of being -
the ring, the hoop of
being together.
This is the place where
Love remains, where
Love sustains, where
Love comes
into and through
all things.
Love is spirit
flowing into the life
of the world.
Knowing this
I am left with a question
to pose to myself:
What would an
indigenous grandmother do?

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