Saturday, July 25, 2015

Goddess Figurines

We're getting ready for another Rumi's Caravan tonight, part of Bolo's new album release celebration.  I was thinking this morning about one of Rumi's most famous poems, Love Dogs.  I've always questioned what it says - how is one's longing actually the connection to spirit?  I didn't exactly come up with an answer, but while writing and looking up at my goddess figures, I did come up with a poem that leans in that direction.  Here's a picture of some of the figurines (and yes, I really did schlep them and more home from Greece in my suitcase), and the poem.

Goddess Figurines

It is all
right here
before me.
The figurines –
goddesses or priestesses,
            from Crete,
            from Eleusis,
            from Mycenae,
bird-headed, or
crowned with snakes, cats, diadems –
all with arms raised –
            in prayer,
            in praise,
            in supplication,
            in blessing.

I carried them all
home from Greece
wrapped in clothing and paper,
nestled in my carry-on bag,
not a one broken
or hurt.
For fifteen years
they have stood
on my altars,
on my writing table,
eyes wide open,
gazing at me.

It is only now
that I grasp
the message 
of their stance:
Lift your arms,
they say.
Your connection
to spirit begins
with your own effort.
Lift your arms.

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