Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Anything Is Possible

 Two days up, one day down.  So it goes.  Today Hecate appeared as the shaman woman.

Anything Is Possible

Sinking -
Stomach elevator drop -
Heart in mouth -
Dropping down low.

The shaman beats her drum.
She places her hands together and bows - 
Namaste -
Picks up a staff topped with a quartz crystal.

Woman of mountain peaks and rushing streams -
Woman of flowers -
Grandmother woman -
Speak to me of the journey,
For I am stuck here,
            sunk into the mud.

Look at the clouds – she says –
Always shifting, always changing.
Look at the sky -
Always there, whether blue, gray,
            or midnight black,
Speckled with stars
            or streaked with sunset.
One thing remains constant,
Background, foundation.
Everything else moves.

Muck doesn’t hold you,
You hold onto it.
You are only stuck
            if you give in.

It may or may not be
time to move on down the road.
When you rest, rest.
Replenish, refill, restore.
Accept the pause.
No impatience.
No self-pity.
Look at the sky.
Look at the day.
Morning begins creation again.
Anything is possible.

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