Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hecate, Goddess of Crones

Some friends were interested in my assertion that Hecate is a goddess of crones and wanted me to elaborate on that.  So, I asked her.  Here was her response:

Oh, yes, but I am not limited to that.  I am associated with the night and the moon.  They (the Greeks) made me the goddess of witches because they viewed my power as dark and strong. That was their fear speaking.  Yes, I have power, and power is amoral; it is only power.  Witches, or women with power, were not trusted, they were feared, especially because men knew that women had much to be angry about.  If women had power (the men thought), surely they would use it for revenge and retribution.

But revenge never interested me.  It is a waste of good time and energy.  Righting wrongs, setting things aright, putting things out of alignment back into place - these were and are my interests.  Witches worth their salt feel this, and that is why they are healers.  I am happy to be their guide.

Night is my time.  That is why I was resting in my cave the day Persephone was abducted.  I travel mostly in the dark.  It is when I feel most attuned.  See me and you'll know why this is so.  I need no acclaim, no blaze of Apollo's glory, to know who I am.  This is why I am goddess of crones.  What else must crones do than befriend the darkness they are heading towards?  Know the dark as a friend.  It is like the womb - a place to sleep and dream.  It is shelter and refuge.

When you cross over, I can accompany you.  I lead and follow.  I guide and mentor.  I know Persephone but not her realm.  But I can guide you to her.  You must learn not to fear.

What do you think these difficult times are preparing you for?  How you work now is all preparation for that.

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